MICRO EUROPE Ltd. designs and produces the majority of the products based on the Gellért-polygon lathe patent. Our ancestor company named INTECO Ltd. started to develop the polygon processing equipments till 2004 and since then Micro Europe has continued the development and production of these equipments.

The FORTU-FORSA machine family which was developed on the basis of HUNGARIAN patents, is able to process the polygon profiles simplier and more economically than the standard methods. Based on the basic patent, two rotating and an axial motion produces the cyclois polygon profile surface system. The  two rotating motions are secured by two excentric tubes built in each other while the axial motion is subject to the feeding.


Play with the alternatives!


If the excenters are built in the main spindle system of the processing machines, the swivelling motion is made by the workpiece, while the feeding is done by the tool.
In the other case the adapter fixed on the place of the tool-head embodies the excenters, thus the rotating motion of the workpiece is made by the main spindle, the other rotating and the feeding motion is done by the tool. The profiles generated in the FORTU-FORSA equipements have concave, flat or convex surfaces with 1-20 angles, having flat or spiral shape.  The FORTU equipments are suitable for rough and smooth lathing of the shaft- and disc-like elements. The adapters are designed for traditional and NC lathes, their size is determined by the parameters of the basic machine.


The FORSA equipments are suitable for  finishing and grinding the rough polygon profile.


Ciklois profiles

Epiciklois profiles

Hipociklois profile


Advantages of the polygon processing machines:

- processing of rotating and form surfaces can be executed in one clamping

- the application possibilities of the universal lathe or grinding machines grow to a great extent

- the drive of the existing traditinal machine can be made more up-to-date

- the polygon processing equipments have simple structures, they are easy and convenient to handle

- servo-system polygon configuration is semi-automatic

Some typical application of the processed polygon profiles:

- torque-transfer shaft – hub-joints to replace lock, splice and wedge

- form-decore tools

- products of wood industry


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