FORCYL Rotating chamber product group

The FORCYL products which are developed based on rotating chamber patents are new hydraulic equipments widely used both in agriculture and industry.

The common operating principle of all the products are the shape of the profile and the movement of the chamber and spindle ensuring the axial flow. The two main elements are of spiral polygon profile and rotate around their own symmetry axis.

Spaces of variable volumes are generated between the rotating profiles axially.




Basic form


The FORCYL multi-functional equipments belong to the group of machines of axial flow and changing space volumes, they are extremely suitable for transfering fluids with various density, homogeneous fluids or fluids mixed with gas or firm elements or pure gasous materials.


Rotating chamber pumps can be built into the shafts of the driving electric motors where the transmitted cold agent cools the rotor intensively at the same time (see the photo on the right).

In case of the electric motors there is no separate house or overdriving system. This constructin can favorably be used for watering and mine pumping.


The house of the rotating chamber pump

This is a spindle with spiral polygon profile.
- improving efficiency, no turbulence or cavitation losses ,
- transmitting materials with high viscosity,
- non-sensibility to the consistency of the transmittable agent, e.g. gasous fluid,
- possibility to choose chemical resistant materials,
- transmission of agents mixed with solid particles,
- higher flow rate due to transmission without prerotation.



Outside-driven pump


Due to the appropriate material choice of the working parts, the FORCYL equipments can favourably be used even under special circumstances like being subject to chemical effects, high temperature, etc.



The FORCYL water jet engines create brand new possibilities in sailing.

The innovation is that the nozzle under the water level ejects a high velocity, rotation-free water jet  in proportion with the rpm, and its reaction force provides the driving force.    
In FORCYL water jet engines the water jet is generated by a special rotating chamber and spindle rotating into one direction but not at the same rpm.


Water jet engine in sailing

The water gets axially through the rotating elements in the direction of the nozzle, without whirling. When discharging the nozzle, the water is still not whirling. Depending on the rpm the volume of the discharged water can be modified.


The special design of the pump improves the efficiency of the FORCYL multi-functional equipments (no whirling loss, no prerotation). These characteristics are resposible for the  extraordinary maneuvering abilities. If a rotating detouring unit is built in the way of the water jet, the boat can change its direction between 0-360˚. In small capacity boats there is no need for an extra rotating detouring unit because the pump with the nozzles is fixed in a way that it can turn.


Technical parameters:

Technical parameters based on the existing experiments and production developments:



Technical parameters

Volume capacity of the driving engine

750-1000 cm3 250-500 cm3
Power of the driving engine kW 40 20
Rpm of the water jet drive 1/min 4000 3000
Water transport l/min 33 25
Inlet nozzle diameter mm 45 45
Outlet nozzle diameter mm 30 30
Pressure in the rotating chamber bar 11,4 6,4
Velocity of the water jet km/h 170 126
Thrust kp 114,6 64,4
Velocity of the boat in case of tour shuttle body km/h 80 60
Efficiency of the water jet engine % 64 64
Length of the water jet enginge mm 950 950



Due to its structure and variable rpm (10-10000/min) the FORCYL water jet enginges can be used in all kinds of water vehicles: from large sea ships to small sport boats, from  shallow to deep dive vessels.




The strator of the Moineau hydrostatic motors is a spiral polygon elastomer vulcanized in a steel tube. Due to the deviation in the thickness of the elastomer unfavourable material fatigue occurs during operation causing breakdowns and shortening the life of the motors.

Elstomer with different thickness

Elastomer with equal thickness


Using the new motor technology and equipments Micro Europe Ltd. is able to preprocess the polygon form of the bore of the steel house, thus creating the possibility for vulcanizing elastomers with almost equal thickness. The possibility of unfavourable fatigue becomes smaller and the lifetime of the motor can be doubled.

Possible strator-chamber formations for pumps and motors

1: 2 3 : 4 5 : 6 7 : 8 9 : 10



Downhole motor  -  EDM

In cooperation with Smith International Inc. our company developed a new downhole motor which can work at high temperature and under agressive circumstances.

The new downhole motor works with the same positive volume squeezing technology as the Moineau motors, but the profile is different, it has a cyclois surface. The „stator” (chamber) rotates in the new motor, it rotates in the same direction as the rotor (spindle) but at variant speed.

Both the chamber and the spindle are made of steel which means that the motor does not contain any elastomer so it is not sensible to any gasous material or other drilling fluid containing chemicals. 


The new downhole motor can be designed for low 100 – 200 rpm, middle 300-400 rpm and high 800-1000 rpm depending on the requirements of the drilling tool.
The speed of the motor is directly proportional to the inlet fluid volume. The torque of the motor is directly proportional to the pressure drop in the motor.

The new motor with this profile is called „Epicyclois Downhole Motor”, EDM.

Our company developed the production technology of the motor and the necessary machines and tools.