Robots, manipulators, industrial assemblies, ball valves and butterfly valves needs stiff mechanisms with slow, definite rotation-oscillation and high efficiency.


Today rotating-oscillating movement is primarily driven using motors with paddle and toothed rack.

Making use of the polygon processing the axial  movement of the hydraulic or pneumatic piston is converted directly into rotating motion by the spiral shaped, polygon profiled shaft-piston binding.


POLYROTH rotating cylinder


There is a need only for 3 main units for the direct conversion:

- even shaped, polygon porfile house

- a piston having a polygon profiled mantle  and a spriral shaped, polygon profiled drill hole

- spiral shaped, polygon profiled shaft.


Advantages compared to the well-known rotating cylinders:

- simple structure

- safe sealing because of the harmonious polygon profiles

- rotation over 360

- self-locking

- clearance-free solution

- wide-range operational parameteres

- possibility to built it into multi-shaft manipulator

Ball valves driven by rotating cylinder


The  rotating cylinder family has been developed in the rotation zone 0-360˚ but bigger rotation anger is possible if desired.

Polygon shaft of the rotating cylinder



Thanks to the compactivness of the rotating cylinders they can be used in road and railway vehicles. They can be built in as high-power motors of windscreen wipers and door operationg cyilnders.

The door operating cylinder works in two phases. First it lifts then opens the door.


*       Assembled it on a gate valve,  the rotating cylinder inserting a variable directioanal overrunning operates a precision stirring gate valve.

Depending on how the polygon profile is designed, self-locking cylinder can also be produced which mechanically fixes the shaft without further power consumption.