During our R&D activity we place much emphasis on not working for our own sake but to give an innovative answer to real problems all the time. The results of this approach are a products,   technologies, or a production-planning guides based on our development work to fulfill existing demands with better and more competitive technical solutions than the existing ones.   We continuously consult with our customers and/or cooperating partners to meet all possible demands concerning both the quality and the market penetration of the product. We always grab the possibilities to increase our knowledge which increases the effectiveness of our work.

We are very happy that our work has been acknowledged internationally, too, so we can widen the scope of our experiments and knowledge in close relationship with European and non-European partners.

It is also very important for us to answer all the technical questions of our partners and to find adequate solutions to their problem. The innovative technologies require continuous consultations regarding utilization at least until the use of the new processes becomes a routin. Being aware of this, our experts are always available either by phone or visiting the place of installation on the site of the customer.

Our most important R&D activities in a few words:

           - designing and building rope wearing and testing equipments

           - designing and building electric-driven transmitting equipment

           - designing and building two-component polyurethan casting machine

           - designing and building tool opening-closing device for casting round table

           - experimental definition of the basic product of composite-based, recycled rubber product family