The new clutch has a closed working surface, it is symmetricly loaded and balanced, its production cost is very low. The commercial price of these products is therefore very reasonable compared to the competitiors’ prices.

The clutch-family called IRUTEX was designed according to the Gellért-polygon processing method and its development was supported by the EU.
The clutch developed by Micro Europe Ltd. is a closed system, has flat or spherical generatrix, it is a harmonic polygon profile.

You can find the sizes and other parameters of the clutch in the table below.


Elements of a clutch


IRUTEX clutches consist of three main units:

- harmonic torque transmitting shaft

- harmonic torque transmitting polygon house

- polyurhetane flexible unit



The main technical parameters of the standard product:


The clutches are made of steel and stainless steel so they can be used in food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.



IRUTEX  ball clutches

When the difference in the angles has to be equalled, too, the ball shaft is connected to an equal polygon spherical house.

When the house contains not the same polygon spherical profile but only a polygon hole with straight generatrix, the IRUTEX ball clutch can equal axial movement, too.


Twin ball shaft


The ball clutches consist of three main elements:

- inlet spherical, polygon house;

- outlet spherical, polygon house and

- spherical, polygon twin ball shaft




Single shaft


Assembly drawing