GreenRuBBeR project

Recycling of elastic wastes - mainly rubber - by high pressure water jet micro-blasting technology


Project was finalized on 31. May, 2013


Our company is active in environmental protection, too, so we developed a „hydraulic micro-blasting process” to recycle rubber waste. This is a procedure you can use to produce elastic, microporous particles which can be considered as raw material in various mixtures.

Recycling rubber waste is a very significant problem as 800-900 million rubber tyres wears out and nearly so many new tyres are sold every year.
A great amount of elastic rubber is mainly recycled by srhedding today. However the greatest disadvantage of this process is that during grinding heat generates on the surface of the granule and therefore an oxidized coating develops on it. The oxidized coating hampers the use of the recycled granule as raw material, so it can only be used as additive (in a few %) and only in case when the surface of the granule is adaquately pre-treated before the elastic material and the rubber granules are mixed.


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Based on the world-wide known high pressure water jet technology (UHPWJ), the experts of MICRO EUROPE Ltd. developed the high pressure water jet micro-blasting technology (later on referred to as MBHW), and in the frame of the GreenRuBBeR Project a grinding prototype machine was built. The elastic waste can more effectively be ground in the new process and the oxid-free specific surface of the granule is much bigger compared to what we can reach with the existing technologies. Owing to these improved conditions the recycled particles can be used as raw materials (upto 5-50 %) together with the primary materials as raw rubber and the thermoplastics.   

The video about the micro-blasting technology can be watched here.

The project was executed within the frame of EUROSTARS_HU_07-1-2010-0079 support agreement of the National Development Agency.

The waste is ground at ambient temperature in the course of this new process without heat generation on the surface of the granule. High pressure water jets grind the rubber, they penetrate into the flexible material and bring forth micro-blasting. The surface of the particles produced in this way is big, special and oxid-free so these particles can be mixed without pre-treatment and they can actively participate in the mixing procedure with the other products.

The used tyres are separately (tread, side-surface, butyl, etc.) processed with the high pressure micro-blasting technology into micro-sized rubber particles at normal temperature, without mechanical shredding, while the steel cord can noncontaminatedly (rubber-free) removed, without being cut.


The tread after the rubber layer was removed


Potencial users:

Owing to the outstanding chemical activity of the product it is an ideal "intelligent" raw material of rubber and  plastic industries. It can be used in all kinds of combinations without any special pre-treatment.  It provides a stable chemical bound (polymer matrix) with the raw material, even when adding in 40-50 % ratio.

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